About CED

Continuing Education Programs

Continuing Education Programs are conducted to provide formal education in various fields. This helps candidate from society and industry to acquire more knowledge in respective fields which enable them to perform more effectively and efficiently in their jobs. Total 18 programs offered through Continuing Education Department. The Institute generates revenue through such programs for development of the institute.
This cell conducts various need based training programmes such as computer based training, Self Employment & Job oriented Training, Training for Industry Personnel.

With emerging technologies and consequent “Information Explosion” in the field of science and technology the technical manpower needs continuous updating in order to keep pace with current developments.

The work force in industries and their management look forward for avenues, which could fulfill this need. In addition, the engineering manpower in industries must have opportunities for horizontal and/of vertical mobility from the point of view of their professional growth, career advancement and for adapting to changing job patterns within industries.
Benefit of Continuing Education

This institute has taken up task of organizing continuing education programmes for the working personnel to meet the following activities.

  1. Updating/upgrading the knowledge, skill and competence of engineering manpower in industries/ other sectors.
  2. Extending their knowledge and expertise in established as well as emerging technologies.
  3. Preparing them for winder responsibilities in engineering, management and other allied fields.
  4. Society/Community/Stakeholder, Industrial Development Laboratory Development, Developed skill based man power, Provide financial support for other services of the Institute.
  5. Apart from this service, the institute offers its services in numerous areas cited below